Sports Performance



I offer small group and 1-on-1 training for high school aged athletes looking to improve their performance and gain a competitive edge through speed and strength training. My philosophy for the younger athletes is centered around developing proper movements for sprinting, jumping, and weightlifting as well as educating them on how to approach training for competition. Students can expect to leave this program with a training base that will make the transition from High School to College Athletics extremely smooth. I take immense pride in graduating senior athletes that have a training IQ well beyond that of their peers at the next level.  


Personal Training



I hate to separate personal training from athlete training because I look at every client, young or old, as an athlete and that’s how I approach their training. My personal training system focuses solely on getting you better than you are right now. “Healthy” isn’t a fixed point or metric that you can achieve in a 12 week bootcamp. Health is something you improve on every day you step into the gym and is measured by doing what you couldn’t do yesterday, whether that be physically (doing your first pull up) or mentally (not having that free donut at the office). Clients can expect to develop a healthier relationship with fitness, their routines, and their bodies. It’s my job to help every client find the strategy that turns fitness into something they are excited about, not something they feel like they “have to do today”.

  • Remote Coaching - Month to Month and Bundle Packages

    • Personalized Strength and Conditioning tailored to your sports demands and current skill and conditioning level. Take out the guess work and train with the guidance of a professional to reach your goals.


1 MONTH  I  $150.00



3 MONTHS  I  $350.00